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ball cancer is nuts.

inspired (loosely) by true events.

"10 Best Indie Comedy Web TV Shows of 2016" -BuzzFeed
"Pilots to Put on Your Radar" -NBC OUT
"Fearless" -Cosmopolitan Magazine
"Hilarious" -Carrie Fisher
"Brilliant" -Stephen Fry
"Hysterical" -Livestrong Foundation
"Funniest web series we've seen in years, possibly ever." -HeSaidMagazine
"Testicular Cancer Is Finally Something To Laugh About." -Queerty
Byron Lane, Last Will And Testicle, Testicular Cancer


-Livestrong Foundation


-Testicular Cancer Action Network

A gay man reveals his testicular cancer diagnosis to his quirky friends and family, deals with his treatment, and confronts his nightmarish walking and talking lump of ball cancer in LAST WILL & TESTICLE, an award-winning comedy named "10 Best Indie Comedy Web TV Shows of 2016" by BuzzFeed, "Pilots to Put on Your Radar" by NBC OUT, "hilarious" by Carrie Fisher, "brilliant" by Stephen Fry, and "fearless" by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

LAST WILL & TESTICLE has screened in film festivals around the world and won an Audience Award from Dances With Films and a Remi Award from WorldFest Houston.


Inspired by true events, LAST WILL & TESTICLE was written, produced, directed, and edited by Byron Lane after he found a lump on his testicle in August 2015. He had surgery two weeks later, wrote a webseries about it, and raised funds on Kickstarter in just 3 days.


LAST WILL & TESTICLE has an incredible cast including Beth Grant (The Mindy Project, No Country For Old Men, Little Miss Sunshine), Michael Chieffo (Argo, LA Confidential), Drew Droege ("Chloe" videos, Drunk History), Sam Pancake (Arrested Development, Will & Grace), Jonathan Van Ness (Funny or Die's Gay of Thrones), and many others. Full cast list at


Byron Lane is an author, playwright, and screenwriter. His debut novel is called A STAR IS BORED, hailed by The New York Times as "wildly funny," about an uptight celebrity assistant struggling to manage his eccentric movie star boss, inspired in part by Lane’s time as assistant to beloved actress Carrie Fisher. Lane is a two-time regional Emmy Award winner from his time as a television news journalist. He also wrote the acclaimed play TILDA SWINTON ANSWERS AN AD ON CRAIGSLIST, the award winning web series LAST WILL & TESTICLE, and the feature film HERPES BOY starring Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer. He lives in Palm Springs with his husband, bestselling author Steven Rowley.



-Carrie Fisher

"Testicular Cancer Is Finally Something To Laugh About"

Byron Lane, Last Will And Testicle, Testicular Cancer
-Drew Droege

"Thank you Byron Lane for casting me in the role of a lifetime- LUMP OF TESTICULAR CANCER. I turned down SUFFRAGETTE to do this."

Beth Grant, Sam Pancake, Peter Porte, Drew Droege, Tara Karsian, Jonathan Van Ness, Gay Of Thrones, Byron Lane, Last Will And Testicle

Supported by Testicular Cancer Society & Baggy Trousers UK

Supporters on Kickstarter:

"My daughter has an 18 yr old friend going through this. I'm hoping this will cheer him up."


"I think this is a worthwhile cause. I backed because although cancer is no laughing matter, laughter heals."


"I had cancer end of last year... and then just had the best year of my life! I always was a BIG worrier and then when found out about it I didn't worry I just dealt with it. So I learned no need to be anxious all the time when I can deal with stuff in the moment. I'm happy to hear you're experiencing a lot of that too."


"I'm a fellow cancer survivor. Doctors stole my ovaries... which I guess would have been testicles if I were a guy. Good luck with the web series and your life after cancer."


"My brother was an aspiring film maker. He passed at age 35. He tried to crowd-fund before there was an internet. He hand wrote letters. He never got much support because he couldn't upload portion of his work like you’ve done. He would have enjoyed the opportunity to post to social media. I wish he was here to do so. Anyways, I am always happy to support artists in my own small way."


"I recently had a hysterectomy to remove uterine cancer. Like you, the docs think they got it all and there's a small chance for it coming back. I've lost some close friends to cancer and though it's no laughing matter, there's something beautiful about what you're doing. I'm backing!"


"I love what you're creating! I just went through the SAME thing, cancer and testicle removed. So just wanted to reach out."


"Honestly, and I always feel weird saying it, but it's one of the best things that ever happened to me. We are obviously very lucky compared to some cancer patients but it picked me up out of a rut and put me on the path I feel I was meant to be on."


"Cancer is something that is close to me- My Mom had breast cancer, my Dad had prostate cancer, I had head/neck cancer... and the way in which we heal and process our journey is individual to each... This is a healing project for all."

Last Will & Testicle Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine Feb. 2016 print edition

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